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Crop Production

1.     Assessment of brown top millet over foxtail millet

2.     Assessment of improved variety of safflower against chickpea local    variety

3.     Demonstration of weather based crop management practices in cotton

4.     Demonstration of chickpea variety NBeG 49 under ICM

5.     Demonstration of soil test based nutrient management in rice.      






Crop Protection


1.     Fall army worm management in maize 

2.     Integrated pest management strategies for pink bollworm in cotton

3.     Sucking pest management in cotton

4.      Integrated management of BPH in rice

5.      Integrated management of viral diseases in blackgram







1.     Assessing the performance of Marigold variety Arka Bangara2- against local hybrids.

2.      Assessing the performance of tomato F1 hybrid Arka sanrat against hybird US 448

3.      Integrated crop  management in watermelon

4.      Integrated crop  management in chilli

5.      Flowering regulation in acid lime







1.     Impact of ANGRAU technologies by farming in Prakasam district    

2.     Identification of problems with PRA technique “PIT” (Problem Identification Technique)  in adopted villages 

3.       Assessment of IFS models in the adopted villages of KVK, Darsi





Home Science


1.     Assessment of Triple Layer Hermetic storage system against poly ethylene / gunny bags for the storage of pulses

2.     Assessment of Millet based Nutria Bar

3.     Demonstration of CRIDA Wheel hoe for intercultivation in vegetable crops against the traditional method for drudgery reduction

4.     Establishment of nutritional garden for year round supply of vegetable for nutritional security







1.     Assessment of super napier as intercrop in horticulture gardens

2.     Introduction of Kadaknadh breed (Indigenous poultry breed)

3.     Demonstration of Super napier fodder in red irrigated soils of Prakasam District

4.     Demonstration of Azolla - a substitute feed of protein source in poultry

5.     Demonstration on Management of sub-clinical mastitis in buffaloes with SFMT reagent